Argentario promontory: where the mountain meets the sea

Argentario promontory, seen from above, in a dazzling light, looks like a ship ready to set sail, moored to the Tuscany Coast – here at its peak – only by the hawsers which are the green spits of land of Feniglia and Giannella. The sky is clear, the Orbetello Lagoon still, the silhouettes of the Isola del Giglio and the Isola di Giannutri barely visible in the distance. With its crystal-clear waters, its steep cliffs, the fragrant Mediterranean vegetation, the terraced slopes descending into the iridescent sea, the Argentario is today’s destination, a short 30 minutes away from Villa Zen.

Monte Argentario is a municipality in Maremma Grossetana, the southern part of Tuscany, in that coastal area known as Costa d’Argento (Silver Coast). Its strategic position destined it to become a formidable military outpost as early as the 16th century, testimony of which are the ruins of the sighting towers along the coast, the fortress of Porto Ercole and the Spanish Fortress of Porto Santo Stefano.

Argentario promontory: where the mountain meets the sea

Discovering the Costa d’Argento

By car or motorbike. We strongly recommend the road trip (even better by motorbike) along the scenic route which follows the perimeter of the promontory, allowing you to enjoy a truly unique view of the landscape.

On foot or by bike. If you’d rather walk or cycle, this is the right place for you: endless paths and bike trails cut through the promontory, going from the beach all the way up to Monte Telegrafo (635 meters above sea level), offering glimpses of incomparable beauty.

By boat. To fully appreciate the coast of the Argentario promontory, you can rent a boat or raft at either Porto Santo Stefano or Porto Ercole. You’ll discover hidden coves, cliffs, shingle and sandy beaches which are only accessible from the sea, meaning that they are never too crowded.

Laguna di Orbetello

Top 10: “must” experiences at the Argentario

  1. Walking along the seafront in Porto Santo Stefano, designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro, and wait for the fishing boats to return in the late afternoon.
  2. Explore the alleys of Porto Ercole.
  3. Enjoy the view from the terrace of the Monastery of Padri Passionisti.
  4. Admire the sunset from Curva Buozzi while sitting on the wall.
  5. Explore the Natural Reserve Duna Feniglia by bike, along a 6km bike trail deep in the pine forest and parallel to the beach, keeping an eye out for deers.
  6. Visit the Spanish fortresses: Forte Stella, Rocca Aldobrandesca, Forte Filippo in Porto Ercole and the majestic fortress that dominates Porto Santo Stefano. The latest is home to the permanent exhibitions “Maestri d’ascia all’Argentario, l’arte di far navigare il legno” and “Memorie sommerse, archeologia subacquea in Toscana”.
  7. Walk on the grounds of the Argentario Golf Club nestled in a natural amphitheatre which overlooks the sea and the Orbetello Lagoon. 77 hectares, 18 holes, a total of 6.218 metres, par 71. The golf course is eco-compatible certified by “Agri Cert” and all the products used for maintenance are completely natural.
  8. Discovering endless new diving spots: caves, shallows, shipwrecks. Or, more simply, snorkeling in a crystal-clear waters full of life. To relive the magic of these seabeds, in Porto Santo Stefano is the Mediterranean Aquarium of the Argentario.
  9. Taste the fresh fish and other local products, cooked according to tradition.
  10. Witness the Palio Marinaro dell’Argentario which, on August 15th, in Porto Santo Stefano, sees the four neighbourhoods competing – each represented by a boat with four rowers and a helmsman. Each vessel takes its name from one of our winds: Maestrale, Libeccio, Grecale, Scirocco. A breath of fresh air in a spectacular marine setting.

Yes, the Argentario promontory maintains the magic and fascination of a truly special place and, like on a treasure hunt, it pushes you to find your way, your path, the breathtaking view, the hidden passage, always giving you the impression that you are the first one to discover it.

Argentario promontory and Villa Zen

If you want to enjoy a relaxing vacation without giving up your taste for adventure, book a stay at Villa Zen, an exclusive abode in the perfect location to explore the Tuscany Coast and the hinterland full of visual, natural, historical and gastronomical inspirations.

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